23. Podcast-iversary

The Past on Blast celebrates our one year anniversary with the usual blend of sophomoric humor, stories, sketches, and oddball guests. Rare outtakes have surfaced from the Stanley Kubrick classic, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and they involve none other than Mr. Al Pacino. Ti interviews up-and-coming country music singer Wyatt Timmelman, who performs a few songs from his new album, We Here (We Made It), in the studio.

20. I'm Dreaming of an Alt-Right Christmas: TPoB Holiday Extravaganza!

We hope you've all been good this year, but we've got an extra-special episode for youz either way!

Celebrity guests including Cher, President-elect Trump, and Bernie Sanders stop by! Jim Bob the Crippled Christmas Elf raps about what really goes on at the North Pole during the off-season! Ti's hugging is finally discussed, and oh so much more...

19. Dog Names, German Scheisse, & Brojobs

It's back to basics this episode, as Ti & Patrick are reunited after a couple of episodes! We open up to a nice discussion of Chinese language and Patrick's kids being lil' rascals, followed some interesting fetishes uncovered on the Internet. Hans Stiegl, our International News Correspondent, sits down for our new "Yesterday's News Today" segment, we talk about moderate to severe Crohn's disease, sing about Bon Jovi's untold story, and wrap up with a conversation about brojobs.

16. Fifty Percent of All Parachuting Involves the Anus

We hope that you're not vegetarian, because we've got a surplus of beef this week!

After a serious discussion about professional responsibility and journalistic integrity in the age of click bait sensationalism, we seamlessly transition into kratom, sex noises, cyclists, and feminist catcalling. Ti wraps up with a beautiful a cappella rendition of Toby Keith's smash hit "Courtesy Of The Red, White, And Blue (The Angry American)."