The Meandering History of The Past on Blast

TPoB was created by Patrick Murphy (me – why do people write these things in the third person?). It was initially intended to be a satirical website featuring historical figures using ye olde interwebs to put their adversaries on blast. The general idea was similar to "If Historical Events Had Facebook Statuses," but with more in-depth articles.

However, due to changes with my job, this idea quickly fell apart (like, within two weeks). You can still see the first articles for this idea on the blog.

TPoBPc.mp3: Resurrection

After a few months of dormancy, The Past on Blast was reborn like a beautiful baby phoenix rising from the ashes. Are phoenixes ever babies? No, they just regenerate as adults, right? I need to research this once I finish this about page. Anyways, the website made a triumphant return – with a podcast! I was joined by my pal Ti Saunders as my co-host for the podcast.

During 2016, The Past on Blast Podcast proceeded with the same dependable consistency that was exhibited in the blog. We flirted with a few different formats, including our ill-advised attempt at reviewing old TV shows and movies. Thankfully, we realized that this was not a good fit for us, and quickly returned to our usual fare.

Okay... so, what is that exactly?

Basically, the podcast is a giant ball of nonsense in mp3 form. As a jumping off point, Ti and I typically discuss current events, general complaints, and random observations. The podcast then includes a cavalcade of characters, parodies, song, and topics ranging from the apocalypse to rule 34 of the Internet. I like to think of the podcast as a modern, irreverent version of an old-timey radio variety show.

Starting in 2017, we have big plans to revitalize the blog. We're, ummm, just not sure how we plan on doing that in a way that ties in with the podcast. If you have taken one thing away from this painstakingly written "About" page, it should be this: We have had an extremely clear vision for this website since day one, we have stuck to our vision despite all of the haters, and we demand brand synergy at all times. 

If you have any ideas or feedback, feel free to add them on the suggestion page. Thaaanks!